The best crypto-faucet in the world

In your opinion, what is the best crypto-faucet in the world ? Well, I’m gonna tell you. The best crypto-faucet in the world is the one you don’t have to bother with. It is the one that you don’t care of, but makes you earn money anyway. And finally, this is the one that really makes you earn money, not just dust.

iq501 / Pixabay

But, hey, what is a faucet ?

A faucet is a program that makes you earn some cryptocurrencies. Most of time, you have to claim it after watching ads, solve captchas, and other boring tasks. And most of the time (I can even say ALWAYS), you spend more in electricity than what you really earn. All you spend is energy, in all the means of the word.

But here, I will talk about the only faucet that :

  • does not require boring tasks
  • really makes you earn money, not just dust
  • works while you don’t have to care about it
  • can make you earn more passive income thanks to referral program.

Okay, so what is your magical formula ?

Of course, I’ll talk about Share2Steem.

@share2steem is a program that cross-posts your social posts to Steemit. All you have to do is (after registration of course) use your social apps (currently Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube), and insert the hashtag #share2steem when you post from them. Your posts will be automatically published to Steemit, and you will start earning money with them.

If you enable curation trail on your dashboard, you will be able to earn money more easily. And if you refer your friends, you will earn a 4% commission on all their gains. Without moving the little finger.

You take a photo from Instagram, use the hashtag #share2steem on it before posting and bham, here it is on Steemit, making you earn money. Easy as 1, 2, 3. The same with Twitter or Youtube. It is currently frequent some insta shots earn more than 1$ each, you can verify by yourself on the tag #share2steem on Steemit.

Still have a doubt ? Well, just give it a try, you will see how easy it is…