From Steemit to… anything with RSSTEEM !

I’m pleased to introduce you a fantastic tool created by @bambukah, which will allow to make post sharing very easy : RSSTEEM. Basically, it allows to get a RSS feed from your Steemit blog, but not only…

Introducing RSSTEEM

RSSTEEM is a service that will allow you to get a RSS feed from your blog, but also your feed, your comments or a specific tag. The GUI is very simple to use. First, choose the feed you want to get on the tabs (blog by default). Then enter the username and click GO. The feed URL pops up in a separate window, with a copy button. That’s all !

You can of course enter a different username and get the feed for use in a reader, but in my opinion that’s not the funiest use of a RSS feed…

Moreover, RSSTEEM allows you to grab the HTML version of an article posted to the blockchain.

Go further !

To me the best use of a RSS feed is… IFTTT. Simply because it can be used to automatically share your posts to the social platforms you use.

Indeed, RSS feeds can be used to trigger actions from the infinity of services available. For example, a new post in the RSS feed can trigger an automatic share on Twitter, a Facebook page, but also notifications on your phone (when a user you like writes a new blog post, or a new post with a tag you follow, why not), etc. Possibilities are endless !

A sample of IFTTT services

Alternatively, a more usual utility is for reading purpose, with a service like feedly.

Offres partenaire

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