From Instagram to Steemit ? Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Did you know it is now easy to automatically post your Instagram photos on Steemit ? No, really, I’m not joking. You publish a shot on Instagram and hop ! Here it is on your Steemit blog. I will show you how to set this up.

First, an Instagram account

Okay, okay, I’m kidding, but hey, I’m not going to tell you everything without any effort from your part. But really, you need to get your login credentials in order to continue. Please note the whole process is 100% safe. And quite simple. Now going to next step.

Second, a WordPress blog

I think you see where I’m going. Indeed, the WordPress blog will be our bridge between Instagram and Steemit, via @steempress-io. Just add the Steempress plugin, and fill the settings accordingly to you Steemit account.

You never set a WordPress blog up ? Hum, things will get a bit complicated, but if you managed to get an account on Steemit, you should be able to get a WordPress blog working within minutes. To sum up :

  • First you need to find a host. You can try 1and1, Godaddy or Siteground for example. 1and1 will allow you to build your site for 5 bucks/year, domain name included for the first year.
  • On your dashboard, you will find an option to install WordPress, you know what to do…
  • Just follow the instructions, and don’t forget to install the Steempress plugin. To do so, just go to the add-ons section, click Add new, search for Steempress, install and activate it. Then in the settings section, select Steempress, add your Steemit username and your private posting key, and… that’s it !

Third, an IFTTT account

Finally, you will need an IFTTT account. It will allow to perform certain actions when things happen. Once your account created, create a new applet. Click THIS, and search for Instagram channel. Link it to your Instagram account if it’s not done yet, and select « Any new photo from you ».

Next, click THAT, search for WordPress channel, then click « Create a photo post ». Insert your WordPress blog URL, and your login and password to let IFTTT post for you. Next, fill the form and validate. That’s all !

From now on, any new photo on your instagram account will trigger a new WordPress blog which will be crossposted on Steemit !

Note that Steemit publishing is not immediate. Indeed, IFTTT will take some time (usually less than 1 hour) to publish to WordPress, and Steempress take few minutes to publish on Steemit. So don’t be afraid if you do not see your photo immediately on your Steemit blog.

Go further

Ok, fine, but, hey, now that you have a WordPress blog, why not use it ? Transform it into a wall displaying your Instagram feed for example. For my part, since I discovered Steempress, I don’t use Steemit (or Busy, or Steempeak, or whatever) editor anymore. WordPress is my only editor, and everything I post on the blockchain is on my WordPress blog. Now it’s up to you !

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