Steem treasure hunt – win 10 STEEM – episode 1

It all started with a small ad on the Internet. I wanted a little freedom, movement, and for that I decided to buy a camper to travel the roads of France (and why not elsewhere). Oh, not a modern thing, all comfort, on the one hand my budget did not allow me, on the other hand I preferred the vintage charm of motorhomes of the 80s.

My choice was therefore a C25 Citroen, who needed a little bit of money before taking the road. The machine parked in my driveway, I undertook to empty the cell to conduct a deep cleaning. So I started with the cupboards, which turned out to be empty for the most part.

Voir la page pour l’auteur [GFDL ou CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
However, by opening a hatch at the level of the nasturtium (this place above the cabin that houses a double berth), I discovered a wad of paper. It seemed like an map book, a little decrepit, almost falling apart, which made me think that I should check the tightness of the cell one of these days.

A kind of map book therefore, which covered the entire surface of the globe. And on these maps, myriads of marked points, with no other explanation than a weird code. Each point had its own code. But strangely, no other explanation.

However, on the last page of the collection, an old photo was stapled, accompanied by a small text. The photo represented a gigantic tree, or rather two, with there also, little explanation on their exact location, except this:

« It all starts where the twin cryptomeria touch the sky, go to the base of the northern tree. »

That began to pique my curiosity. All this was very mysterious, and it was not to displease me! So I went on my computer, and started to write down all the points and their code on a Google Map . There were exactly 1000 points, no more, no less. It took me a moment to write down everything.

I now had to find where this place was, with these two giant cedars, and see what I could get from this information …

This is the first episode of a virtual treasure hunt game. Each episode leads to a specific location, located on this map . Each place has a unique code. You found it ? Good ! Note it carefully, but do not give it to anyone unless you want the treasure to come under your nose! 

In the last episode, you’ll need all the codes, so follow this adventure!

Call to the sponsors: you want to give a little spice to this game? Your votes and donations are welcome to increase the stake!

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